For the love of the Sport...        ....a very personal view at Rallye Racing
The counter at the start line is ticking down the seconds, and the closer it gets to start the stage, the slower you breathe; your mind is calm but you still try to control your body while managing the adrenaline and keeping your heart rate at a steady pace, one brief word with your navigator and then it's about time - you are both ready!
3 - The final moment of mental preparation
2 - The revs are coming up high on your Rallye car
1 - You got your foot on the clutch, loaded like a spring

GO! - The tires dig aggressive into the surface, there is some wheel spin and a brief shaking from the steering wheel but there is no return and off you go.
Day 1, stage 1; your navigator started the Rallye Computers and is yelling in your ear: 2 left into 4 right, opens, watch! rocks outside! be continued, promise!!